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About Back On Trak

I started Back on Trak many years ago when I decided to write a book on disabled fitness.  I have worked in the health and wellness field throughout my career. Additionally on a personal note I understand chronic pain as I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and also have a past history of overcoming cancer.

Originally I was involved in the fitness industry given my first-degree was a Bachelor of Physical education. I quickly realized that mental health and physical health were closely intertwined and that wellness in both areas was necessary for good psychological and physiological health. Physiological challenges directly affect psychological challenges vice versa. As a duly registered psychologist and exercise physiologist I am able to work within both modalities. 

Coping with psychological challenges whether it be depression, anxiety, trauma, chronic pain, concussion, or any ongoing work life stressors will impact our overall physical health.

Understanding without judgement, having compassion and helping a person acquire the skills balance their challenges regardless of physical or psychologically health is the core objective of Back on Trak health and wellness services. Teaching proactive coping skills and helping individuals to understand how to navigate and cope with their challenges is a critical point of therapy. Many therapy modalities are utilized including; cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness, rational emotive behavioural therapy etc in conjunction with psychoeducation helps individuals to take control of their lives. 

Many conditions can be difficult to overcome especially conditions such as chronic pain and concussion (mTBI). The specialized training and skills we have in these areas help clients navigate through these difficult conditions.

In addition to chronic pain and post-concussion services we are able to offer a multitude of services which also include counselling, for a variety of challenges we also can provide reports and assessments.  In addition to providing individualized counselling we also provide services to other health providers; and companies such as WCB, insurance companies etc.

Primary Areas of Practices

Education/Special Training & Registrations